Our Services

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At Foresight Property Solutions, we specialize in the management of residential real estate in the Charlotte Metro area, with a focus on providing superior customer service to both owners and residents.

Our Services Include:
  • Showing all available rental homes
  • Conducting initial property inspections
  • Assistance with establishing rental rates
  • Advertising through our website and multiple other sources
  • Drafting of rental contracts
  • Extensive screening of applicants including credit, criminal, rental history, income and employment verifications
  • Negotiation of lease terms
  • Collecting rent, fees and deposits
  • Filing of evictions (rarely needed due to extensive screening process)
  • Online statements for owners showing detailed income and expenses
  • Routine property inspections
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Handling emergency calls as well as all resident questions or issues
  • Recommendations to improve rental value
  • Assist with purchasing or selling of homes through preferred real estate partners

Why Choose Us?

Our focus is on providing superior customer service to both our home owners and our tenants. We go above and beyond to keep our tenants happy, your property well maintained and your rental home occupied. After all, your rental home is only an asset if it's occupied and properly cared for.

We are licensed and experienced professionals who do nothing but manage rental properties and do it well.

All property showings are done by our property managers or licensed real estate professionals. Lock boxes are used so there is no need to check out keys, which is much more appealing to real estate agents. This also allows your rental home to be shown on evenings and weekends, increasing the number of showings and the chances of your home renting faster.

Payments to owners are processed by the 15th of every month via ACH (e-check), so you receive your money faster and directly into your bank account.

Our referral fees to agents are some of the highest in the Charlotte area, providing an extra incentive for agents to show our available rental homes first. While we are licensed real estate brokers, we focus on property management, which means that we refer all potential buyers back to the agents who show our homes.

We require renter's insurance for all tenants, minimizing risk to the home owner.

All maintenance services are performed by qualified vendors.  Our relationships with top vendors in the area keep your costs down and guarantee that quality work is performed.

Our fee structure is reasonable and straight forward. No surprise fees here!  Our honest and up front approach is what our company was founded on and our high level of customer service is what makes us a top choice for managing your rental property.